14 September 2016

Sleep Hygiene September || Take 2 Tips: Clear the air, literally

NOV 15, 2015 || INDOOR AIR
The effects of bedroom air quality on sleep and next-day performance
"It was possible to show that responses to the well-established Groningen Sleep Quality scale indicated that sleep quality improved with bedroom air quality and that the subjects' own rating of next-day sleepiness and ability to concentrate differed significantly between conditions in the expected direction. Given these findings, it is reasonable to hypothesize that next-day performance would be better after sleeping in the conditions that provided better bedroom air quality."

Why we urbanites sleep poorly. Could [it be] pollution...
"Now poor indoor air quality in our bedroom can result in restlessness and a lack of sufficient oxygen in the blood explaining why sometimes we wake up feeling tired, cranky and K.O. Also the deep breathing that occurs during sleep causes the body to inhale many irritating particles that agitate the respiratory system and cause coughing, sneezing, inflammation of the sinuses, and other sleep disturbing effects ..."

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