07 October 2016

In the spotlight: sleep deprivation and sleep debt

This week, we spotlight recent news about sleep deprivation and sleep debt (the accumulation of sleep deprivation that may never be reversed for some people) with more than 50 links that cover all kinds of territory: 
  • Drowsy driving and its relationship to sleep deprivation
  • Sleepy people around the globe
  • Sleep deprivation and memory problems
  • The high cost of sleep deprivation in the workplace
  • Solutions for getting adequate Zzz and reclaiming a healthy sleep schedule
  • College student sleep deprivation
  • How sleep-deprived kids suffer differently
  • Mood and sleep loss
  • How sleep deprivation shortens women's lives
  • Police officer fatigue and sleep debt

Be aware that regular sleep loss and habits which prevent you from getting at least 7 hours of quality of sleep a night are going to have a long-term impact on your overall health and will increase your chances for having a fatal car accident, making major mistakes at work, or suffering from relationship problems. 

This week's links were published or updated been 8.1.16 and 10.7.16