31 August 2016

SLEEP HYGIENE SEPTEMBER: Take 2 Tips & Feel Better in the Morning

For the month of September, SleepyHeadCENTRAL is celebrating two years of public service educating readers about sleep health by offering a fun and useful curatorial focus: Two sleep hygiene tips a day, every day, for the whole month!

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If you struggle with sleep, you'll not want to miss these easy, inexpensive approaches to improving your sleep habits.

Why Sleep Hygiene?

Sleep hygiene remains the first best step we all should consider when fixing our sleep problems.

So many of our sleep problems, when they aren't caused by medical conditions, are the result of the conditions we often create for ourselves.

The good news is, we can control many of these conditions and, by practicing good sleep hygiene, recreate our sleeping lives to capture good health again.

Poor sleep is implicated in so many chronic health problems, mental health and mood disorders, and daily risks while on the job or operating vehicles.

If you could improve your overall sense of health and well being by sleeping more and better, why wouldn't you?

Let SHC help

Check out our "Take 2 tips & feel better in the morning" series for September for wide-ranging advice for identifying bad sleep hygiene habits and replacing them with better sleep hygiene practices. (Don't worry, our weekly curation will return in October.)

Two tips a day (borrowing from the classic "take 2 aspirin a day" advice) really isn't too much to consider, and the results of applying even just a fraction of these ideas may lead to some pleasant surprises!

See you in September!