07 September 2015

Today's #Sleeptember FACT -- How many sleep disorders are there? 8? 18? 80?

If you thought the answer to the question was 8 or 18, think again.

When the term "sleep disorder" is used, most people think only of something common like insomnia or nightmares or sleepwalking. What most people don't know is that there are over 80 different sleep disorders. Eighty! And more people suffer than they realize.

There are seven basic categories of sleep disorders.

  • Insomnia
  • Sleep-related breathing disorders
  • Central disorders of hypersomnolence
  • Circadian rhythm sleep-wake disorders
  • Sleep-related movement disorders
  • Parasomnias
  • Other sleep disorders

Inside these classifications you will see a long list of variations on all of these themes. After all, there is not just one kind of insomnia or one kind of apnea or one kind of movement disorder that impacts sleep health.

Curious to learn more? Check out the Alaska Sleep Clinic's excellent list of sleep disorders here. 

Tired all the time? Can't sleep well? Snore a lot? Struggle with nightmares? Think you might have a sleep disorder? Please mention it to your physician the next time you pay them a visit, and ask for some help. Sleep is not optional, it is critical to good physical and mental health, and the good news is: almost every sleep disorder is treatable. So help yourself out, you'll be glad you did!