06 September 2015

Today's #Sleeptember FACT --- Cancer and its treatments can cause enduring sleep problems


If you or a loved one has cancer, you probably already know this first hand: Cancer can lead to all sorts of problems with sleep.

The cancer itself can wreak havoc on the body in such a way that it either leads to extreme daytime somnolence and fatigue, nightmare syndrome or the curse of insomnia. Anxiety about cancer can lead to poor sleep. The pain that cancer causes can also make sleeping nearly impossible due to comfort issues. Add to the mix a variety of cancer treatments (and their delivery systems) as additional challenges to achieving quality sleep while fighting to overcome cancer. Good sleep helps the body heal, but it's just so hard to get good sleep as a cancer patient.

According to the National Institutes of Health National Cancer Institute,
Sleep disorders are more common in people with cancer... as many as half of patients with cancer have problems sleeping.
Their website offers a wealth information about the relationship between sleep and cancer at their website. They discuss the impact of hospital stays, tumors, stress, drugs and other conditions on both cancer and sleep quality. They also discuss sleep health assessments and solutions for sleep problems that could offer many cancer patients relief and even aid in their healing.