16 August 2014


Thank you for visiting! SleepyHead Central launches quietly today with posts coming regularly starting tomorrow! Future discussions include many common sleep topics:

Insomnia - Sleep Apnea - Sleep Disorders 101 - Sleep Hygiene Tip of the Week - New Technologies - Sleep in the News - Quotes from Experts - The ABCs of Sleep - Sleep in the Lifespan - Sleep Awareness Events - Sleep Health Organizations - Testimonials from Patients - Sleep-Related Legislation - Sleep and Health Literacy

Also, SHC is set up to field your questions about sleep health and hopes to post a regular Mailbag feature, so if you have a question about sleep health--yours or someone else's--feel free to contact SHC here.

Please help spread the news about SleepyHead Central! Here are links you can send to your friends, coworkers and family so that they can find us!

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