13 August 2014

Be a Sleep Activist! Support H.R.5294 - Health Equity and Accountability Act of 2014

From my sleep health cohort Edward Grandi, this post in Facebook:

"For those working in the sleep field... ask your member of Congress if they support H.R.5294, the Health Equity and Accountability Act of 2014. There are important provisions to further sleep research."

Thank you, Ed. In essence, HR 5294 exists "to improve the health of minority individuals, and for other purposes..." which specifically includes The Sleep and Circadian Rhythm Disorders Health Disparities Act as illustrated in the bill's text under Subtitle I, sections 791-793, supporting research activities at the NIH and the CDC.

Folks, important advancements in sleep health have always needed the support of the government in order to get the funding necessary to research such important topics as sleep deprivation, SIDS, drowsy driving and other sleep health challenges. Please help to inspire our politicians to make this as important a discussion at the federal level as cancer, AIDS and other health crises in this country.