06 May 2016

Sleep News HIGHLIGHTS through May 5

Sleep News through May 5 (click link to see all content)

Check out these headlines from the latest Sleep News curation: 
  • Help Donald Trump Get the Sleep He So Desperately Needs (sleep deprivation)
  • One in four drivers would sleep in self-driving car (lifestyle)
  • Middle School Students Named Winners in the Bright Schools Competition (teens)
  • Can You Sleep Train Your Baby at 2 Months? (parenting)
  • Kim Cattrall On Insomnia (celebrities)
  • How CEOs Optimize Their Sleep Schedule (business)
  • The Art Of MacGyvering For Sleep-Deprived Moms And Dads (books)
  • Morning lark or night owl? How to cope when you and your partner have different sleep patterns (couples)
  • Woman Charged With Abusing Child For Bed Wetting Found Guilty (parenting)
  • 2am showers, three alarms and Prozac: This is what it means to live with parasomnia (sleepwalking)
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