15 April 2016

This Week in Sleep News, April 8 -14 HIGHLIGHTS

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This Week in Sleep News, April 8 - April 14 (click link to access entire curation)

  • Bright Schools Competition™ names 50 middle-school teams as national finalists in competition exploring light and sleep and how this relationship affects student health and performance.
  • Casper hosts first ever Sleep Symposium, featuring Arianna Huffington and others, in NYC.
  • Wake Up Narcolepsy surpassed $50,000 fundraising goal, hopes to reach $60,ooo by Sunday, in time for the Boston Marathon. #TEAMWUN
  • South Korean insomnia drug market grows due to demand
  • Dentists may be the best people to identify and help you deal with sleep apnea
  • Commercial drivers hide their sleep disorders while still posing major risks along American roads
  • Should you stay in bed if you can't sleep? Good question.
  • One insomniac artist decided not to, and made a dress out of prescription labels for Ambien.
  • If we let our teens sleep in, less people will die. True story.
  • Bin Laden's assassin came home with PTSD and no decent way to treat it, so it's no surprise he's got a DUI on his record.
  • Did you know... Insomniac brains are wired differently
  • Our seniors need their sleep; if they're sleepy during the day, it's a tip off that they aren't getting good sleep at night
  • South African leader probably needs to get rid of sleep debt to be effective, says specialist
  • Obesity is caused by sleep deprivation, which is now America's #1 health crisis; want to lose weight? Get some sleep!
  • Paraplegic victim of drowsy driver asks judge to show mercy on offender
  • Is a breathable mattress going to be the cure for SIDS?
  • Narcoleptic teacher uses sleep disorder as excuse to harrass kids, gets "sacked"
  • Surgical installation of a neurostimulation device may be the only way some people will be able to sleep if they have severe OSA and can't tolerate CPAP
  • Truck drivers hate their CPAP machines, but they still need them to keep their jobs and avoid drowsy driving negligence on the road
  • Take your pick: if you have the two most common sleep disorders--sleep apnea or insomnia--you are going to have increased risk for workplace injury
  • Optometrists join dentists and EENT specialists in calling out evidence of sleep disorders that other doctors may be missing
  • Opioid users, you are messing with your brain's sleep regulation system every time you pop an oxy
  • Six sleep obstacles for people with neurological disorders are given a closer look
  • No, sleepy nun, that Ambien you took that led to your DUI and forgotten trip to NJ is nothing to smile about
  • Magnesium is a sleep helper: just make sure you take it properly
  • Why do we admire people like James Franco who are in such public denial about their sleep disorders?
  • Do you have crazy dreams when you take melatonin? 
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This Week in Sleep News, April 8 - April 14