11 October 2015

Blogger Krysten Lynn, The Mini Van Princess, proposes that October 11 should be GIVE A MOM A NAP DAY

...and she makes a great argument for it.

SleepyHeadCENTRAL suggests that giving moms a regular day each week to get her own nap in (and this goes for full-time dads, too) could help solve a seriously big public health crisis we have in this country with sleep deprivation. Plus, we can be a good example for our kids.

Want to play along and happen to be in Twitter? Share the luv using #takebackthenap

Curator's note: I'm a mom and today, I'm taking a nap. Y'all with your critical questions about what's for dinner, where to find lost objects, how to solve a math homework question or whether you can sew on a loose button... y'all can wait until after I get up. Thanks.