22 September 2015

Today's #Sleeptember FACT --- Pregnancy and sleep: how to get comfy

Most pregnant women don't really think about how their sleep might be affected by the upcoming birth of their new family member except that they expect lots of sleepless after labor and delivery.

In the early stages of pregnancy, especially if a pregnant woman is not experiencing early discomforts like morning sickness or excessive sleepiness, she might even forget she is pregnant for a few months

However, once the baby begins to grow inside the womb, their presence will become more and more obvious not only in the changing shape of the mother's body, but in the realization that it's just really hard to get comfortable! Walking gait can change, sitting posture can change and, perhaps most noticeably, finding a favorite comfortable sleeping position can change.

Your sleeping position during pregnancy can mean the difference between a night of solid sleep and a night of broken sleep. 

The National Sleep Foundation provides this excellent article: "The Best Position for Sleep During Pregnancy." Not only do they describe what positions might be more comfortable, but they also explain why and what to expect if you don't opt for these positions, as well as how to achieve them as the trimesters pass and the baby grows.