28 September 2015

Today's #Sleeptember ACTION ITEM --- VOTE TODAY! for Steve Tompa, sleep activist and Scholar of Change hopeful

Walden University is running its annual contest, Scholars of Change, and SleepyHeadCENTRAL would like to ask you, dear readers, to help us to help out a fellow sleep activist friend in his efforts to bring sleep health awareness to families everywhere.

Steven Tompa is a sleep technologist who is also a doctoral candidate at Walden University in Minneapolis, where he hopes to graduate with a PhD in Health Services with concentration in Healthcare Administration next winter.

His particular specialty is pediatric sleep health and it's Tompa's goal to help to inspire parents to seek help for their children's sleeping problems. He speaks before parent groups regularly to drive home the message that sleep, like a healthy diet and regular exercise, is part of the three pillars of health for children everywhere. His efforts matter in a world where sleep is still on the cutting edge of science and the world still doesn't quite understand how critical good sleep is to quality overall health.

First prize is $7500, which Tompa plans to donate to a children's charity. Let's help him make this a reality: Check out his contest entry video, "Dreaming Social Change: The Science of Sleep" here, and make sure you click on the button to vote for Steven!