13 July 2015

What's your sleep problem? Maybe SHC can help!

One of the things SHC frequently encounters while researching sleep health topics or discussing sleep health in person with others is that a lot (the vast majority, maybe?) of people think trouble with sleeping is normal, and just as many people think it's normal to be sleepy during the day.

Not true in either case.

In fact, some people have had a lifetime of bad sleeping patterns, and that means they aren't functional at 100 percent on a daily basis.

Being sleep deprived may have become the new "normal" for these people, but that doesn't mean it's okay or tolerable. Sleep deprivation is at the root cause of many health and safety problems in the US.

The thing is... almost every kind of sleep problem out there is treatable. Those who seek help discover renewed energy, better health and potentially a prolonged life even just by improving their sleep hygiene.

The first step is to ask yourself what your sleep is like and whether your habits might be cheating you out of the energy and vitality you need as a human being to get through your busy life.

If you're not sure, then ask SHC! Maybe we can help.

One of the goals of this blog is to help readers determine if they should pursue medical advice with relation to their sleep habits. SHC cannot offer medical advice, but it can give you all kinds of up-to-date information about different kinds of sleep issues to help you to decide if you need to be more proactive about talking to your doctor.

It's easy! Click on the MAILBOX link in the upper right column of this blog. Please share your questions about sleep there; questions may be answered publicly on the site (with your permission) or kept confidential.

Tell us what's going on. It could be a problem or a question you have about your own habits, or it could be about someone in your life you're concerned about. We're happy to help and promise to give the best information we can find on the subject.