24 June 2015


You've heard rumors, you've seen this image, you've wondered... what is this all about?

SleepyHeadCENTRAL has a "sekrit projekt" in the works which I hope to launch early in 2016: a lineup of sleep health publications, from small booklets to trade paperbacks to ebooks, which you will be able to purchase for yourself or for friends and loved ones, and which may also be included in future sleep consultation services which will be offered by SHC in the future.

Not such a "sekrit" anymore, so I may as well reveal that the first book is already being written and my intent is to make it useful to every single person who reads this website, whether they are a sleep health patient, a concerned loved one, a potential patient, or a healthcare provider or allied health professional. The topic remains undisclosed (I won't kiss and tell, yet!), but I remain excited by the possibilities this book could bring for the many thousands who struggle to achieve quality sleep.

Stay tuned, and thanks for supporting the efforts here at SleepyHeadCENTRAL.com.

~ The Curator ~