29 June 2015

JULY is Sleep Products Month at SleepyHeadCENTRAL--Introducing SLEEP STUFF

There's a burgeoning market for sleep products that can't be ignored, so SleepyHeadCENTRAL is spending July calling attention to some items that have recently captured attention. SHC will discuss seven categories of products this month, including the following:

  • Anti-snoring devices
  • Smartphone apps
  • CPAP maintenance products
  • Nightstand items
  • Light therapy
  • Wearable technology
  • Books on sleep

Please note that SHC does not have the capacity or ability to "road test" many consumer products. Product highlights, examinations or reviews posted at SHC are for consumer education only; when products have not been tested, they are primarily mentioned as possible options for some readers.

You, as the consumer, are ultimately responsible for your own buying decisions, and SHC encourages consumers to research sleep health products thoroughly and independently. Because the market for these kinds of products is so spectacularly wide, SHC's aim is to show readers that there are many options out there. Your best move as a consumer is to make the most informed choice for your particular situation.

If readers want to learn more about a specific sleep health product, and SHC has not yet examined that product, they are invited to leave SHC a message at sleepyheadcentral@gmail.com and SHC will add these requests to its growing list of consumer options to review in a future post at SHC. Thanks!

Including product highlights, examinations and reviews on the SHC site prompts some important legal language to be shared here to protect SHC and its readers. Please note the following disclosures and disclaimers below. They are applicable not only to SHC and its agents, but to all others participating independently in discussions about these products on the SHC site, which may include patients and healthcare professionals.
  • SHC does not, as of the date and time of this post, have any longstanding or preexisting relationships with any product manufacturers.
  • The process of selecting products for highlighting, examination or review in posts at SHC is random and driven by SHC's own curiosity and exposure to new items as seen on the Internet, at trade shows, at conferences and at other incidental events.
  • SHC will always report how or whether they received any product, if it is highlighted, examined or reviewed at the site.
  • A future highlight, examination or review of any product on SHC constitutes no special relationship between SHC and any product manufacturer. SHC simply decided to write about it.
  • SHC reserves the right to post both positive and negative reviews of any given product, but only if these products have actually been tested by SHC.
  • If SHC receives free products or free meals or gifts from product manufacturer representatives, that does not mean SHC will write and post highlights, examinations or reviews about these products, nor does it imply any endorsement of these products from SHC either in the digital world or the real world.
  • If SHC receives material compensation (products, cash, gifts, meals) after highlighting, examining or reviewing a product independently, SHC will report this new affiliation to readers.
  • Sometimes SHC receives free items in the mail; sometimes SHC asks for samples. SHC will let readers know in either case.
If you have a product you would like SHC to learn more about, you may send your product with all manufacturing and usage information to SHC at the address below. This does not guarantee SHC will use, examine, review or highlight your product in the future. But if you really think it's something that SHC readers could benefit from, feel free to send it along, and SHC will take a look. Products given freely to SHC will never be resold, but they may be given away freely to third parties, including readers, sleep health professionals or family members of friends for the purposes of testing or examining. This form of sharing does not imply endorsement of these products by SHC. 

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SleepyHeadCENTRAL strongly encourages people with ongoing sleep health problems to approach a medical professional to determine appropriate differential diagnoses and treatment. This post, like all other posts on SHC, is not intended to substitute for medical advice.