31 May 2015

WISDOM OF SLEEP: Dr. Mary Carskadon on our sleep-deprived teenagers

Mary Carskadon is a well-known American sleep researcher 
who has made a career of studying pediatric sleep issues. She
is a strong 
advocate for later school start times. She serves in
roles, as 
Professor in the Department of Psychiatry
and Human 
Behavior at 
the Warren Alpert Medical School of
Brown University 
and as the 
Director of the Sleep and
Chronobiology Research Lab 
at E.P. 
Bradley Hospital.
"Kids are too sleepy to learn well. They're too sleepy to be happy. And they're at great risk for such things as traffic accidents."

"This can put their circadian rhythm, or biological clock, in conflict with the school bell. ... And their fatigue often leads to behavior problems that contribute to a negative overall school performance and experience."

"It's a double whammy. They're not getting enough sleep to recharge their brains, and we're asking their brains to be on duty at the wrong time."

~ Mary Carskadon