01 March 2015

Introducing SleepyHeadCENTRAL's March Theme: Insomnia

Our March theme needs very little introduction, as its reputation as sleep's biggest gremlin precedes itself.

Insomnia basically refers to being unable to fall asleep or to stay asleep, and it comes in many varieties and is caused by many things.

The entire month of March may not be enough to cover all the complexity of insomnia, but SHC is going to give it serious effort! Keep an eye out for this "tired eyes" logo which will accompany all insomnia-related posts.

And please, if you have problems with insomnia, contact your physician and get help. Insomnia is not only common, but it can be deadly. It takes lives both by accident and by suicide and is truly not a sleep health problem to be shrugged off or ignored.

Wishing you healthy sleep all night long!

~The Curator, SHC