15 February 2015

Subscribers: Don't miss out on LIFE AFTER SLEEP


Hypermodern edition of LIFE AFTER SLEEP by Mark Brand;
handmade, signed and limited edition!
We've extended our January theme, "Alternatives," through the end of February, and with this extension we are also offering you an extended chance to win this wonderful, one-of-a-kind book in our giveaway!

This gorgeous handmade book, Life After Sleep, by Mark Brand, is only one of a few in the "Hypermodern Edition" series offered by the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography. It's a special high-quality, signed limited edition handmade book and the story is intriguing.

From the center's website: "It is the day after tomorrow, and a device has been invented that immediately induces REM sleep, otherwise known as 'Sleep' with a capital S. Society has been transformed. The average person now only needs two hours of rest a night. The work day is officially sixteen hours long..."

Yes, it's science fiction from a very fine author, and it's great collectible literary art all at the same time, AND it could be yours if you subscribe to the SleepyHeadCENTRAL newsletter, a free monthly dispatch.


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