01 February 2015

NOTE FROM THE CURATOR: "Alternatives" theme to extend into February

Dear readers,

By the hand of fate, my month of January handed me several distractions, including the loss of my mother. The blogging schedule has taken a hit and I need to regroup, as I have many more blog posts to offer regarding the Alternatives theme I ran for January.

I was planning to have a non-themed month in February; instead of that, I'm going to just keep it coming with the January theme, more posts on nonpharmaceutical alternatives to sleep problems throughout February, mixed and mingled with general sleep health posts.

I am also extending the giveaway and monthly poll through February as well, so if you haven't taken the poll, it's on the left (a new version for February), and if you haven't subscribed to the free monthly newsletter, you will MISS OUT on the amazing giveaway offered on the right, so go sign up now!

Thanks for your support and understanding!

Tamara Sellman, Curator