29 October 2014

MONSTERS OF SLEEP || Insomnia? Find your vampire friends online

Insomnia can turn the best of us into vampires!
Here are some good places to start if you are struggling with insomnia and need to talk to someone who shares your challenges.

While it's NOT the greatest sleep hygiene to be staring at a backlit screen in the middle of the night, the reality is that there are hundreds of thousands of people out there who are suffering from chronic, disabling insomnia. SHC always suggests you pay a visit to your doctor to figure out what you can do to treat your insomnia. It could be caused by medications, an underlying health condition you aren't aware of, a poor sleep environment, anxiety disorders, and/or less-than-stellar sleep hygiene. You won't know the root of your problem until you see a doctor, who will look at a multitude of factors which can lead to chronic insomnia.

But you might be reading this post now and thinking, WHAT ABOUT TONIGHT? So here are some suggestions for places to go to learn more about insomnia and to talk directly to others who suffer. Misery loves company and can often help point you in the right direction for finding treatment.

Please use common sense while visiting any online forum or discussion group.

PSYCH FORUMS Psychology and Mental Health Forums Insomnia Forum

Facebook INSOMNIA SUPPORT GROUP -- this is a closed group; you will need approval to join

EXPERIENCE PROJECT: I Have Insomnia Support Forum