30 August 2014

New technologies: Blue light blocking shields for electronics

Perhaps you know, intellectually, that you need to turn off your laptop or your phone or tablet right before bed because you know that blue spectrum light emission may be part of the problem behind your insomnia. And yet... let's be perfectly honest here: the habit of checking email one more time, playing one more game of Words with Friends before going to bed, or even reading a book on your tablet at bedtime can be very hard to kick.

Finally there's a solution to help with this dilemma. SleepShield has developed a line of screen shields which are designed to block blue light emissions on everything from phones to tablets to game consoles to laptops.

These shields, which you apply directly to the screen, are composed of high-grade PET anti-blue light film which reduces the amount of blue spectrum light emitted from your personal electronics. These films have a 93 percent transparency rate and the manufacturer promises they won't alter the color of the screen being shielded.

SleepShield screen films are recommended by Dr. Michael J. Breus PhD, known on the Internet as "The Sleep Doctor." Breus is a clinical psychologist who works with the American Board of Sleep Medicine and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine to educate the public about sleep health.

If you have trouble with insomnia, and you regularly work on a backlit electronic screen up until bedtime, you may wish to try out this nonpharmaceutical solution to your sleep problems if you are unable to kick your electronics habit.